Usability Consultancy

Increase revenue, user satisfaction and decrease costs

At Usability HQ, we aim to help you increase your sales, decrease your costs, and make your end-users happy to name a few. We provide a wide range of usability services:

Usability Review

We review the usability of your product, according to usability best practices, and write a report describing usability problems, and how to fix them.

Usability Testing

We test the usability of your product with actual end-users. During the usability testing session, we give your end-users a set of tasks to accomplish, and monitor their progress, behavior, and trends while accomplishing these tasks. We also use eye tracking, and screen recording (as an add-on service) to better capture and understand user behavior.

Benchmark Testing

We analyse the usability of your product, and compare it to similar products in the market.

User Research

We research your end-users, conduct interviews, focus groups, card sorting, and testing sessions.


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