User Research

Know your customers and see how they use your product.

At Usability HQ, we provide a wide range of user research services to improve the usability and accessibility of your product, and produce a product that meets your customer needs.


We interview stakeholders and end-users throughout the system development life cycle, to gather requirements, and get feedback on the product design.

Focus groups

We conduct focus groups with stakeholders, end-users, designers, and consultants, to geth their feedback, thoughts, and feelings on new products, prototypes, and design ideas.


Questionnaires help us gather statistical data about user perception of the product. We ask users for their opinions to a predetermined set of questions, about the product and its design.

Benchmark analysis

Benchmark analysis could be done to analyze your product before and after redesign, or to evaluate and analyze your competitor's products, and compare it to your product.

Card sorting

Card sorting is a great, powerful, and cheap tool to understand your end-users, and how they expect the layout and content to be like. Users are given a set of unsorted cards with statements that relate to the product, and asked to sort them according to their importance, logic, or frequency of use, etc.


Wireframes are a quick, easy, cost effective and powerful tool to get feedback on initial design concepts. With wireframes, you can visualize the layout of your product before it is designed and built.


We create interactive prototypes of your product, to test and validate its usability and accessibility with real end-users. Prototyping is a cheap iterative process to test and alter designs before the more expensive stages of product design.

Screen Recording

We use state of the art screen recording software to better understand and analyze end-user's navigational pattern with your product.

If you would like to conduct user reseach on your product, please get in touch.


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