About us

We are an experienced usability and user experience design consultancy, based in New Zealand. We are experts in evaluating the usability and accessibility of websites and software applications, user research and testing. and producing products that match your customers' needs and expectations.

Why we Are Different

  • We care. We help you increase revenue, retain and increase your customer base.
  • We watch and listen. We don't just hand you a design! We watch your end-users using your application/device, listen to their concerns, and keep on testing until we produce a usable design that meets your end-users' needs.
  • We advise. Not only do we evaluate the usability and accessibility of your product, we give you advise on how to fix any usability problems, and produce design recommendations.
  • We want to know you and your end-users. We're a friendly bunch, and we would love to see you at work, and see your end-users (in their environment) using your application/device to better understand their needs.
  • We're not just passionate, we're experts. Each member of our team is an experienced professional, with a Masters degree in Computer Science majoring in Human-Computer Interaction.
  • We're small. Therefore we're friendly, flexible, and fast.
  • We're commited to making the world a usable place. Usability is everywhere, from web applications, to the keyboard, and remote control. Any device used by us humans should undergo a usability study. However, sadly, this was only realised recently. Hence, our aim to educate people about usability and make the world a usable place.
  • We belong to professional bodies.We are members of the Usability professionals Association.

Our People

We're a small team of professionals with a diverse background in user experience design, research, and usablity. We have passion about usability, and share the desire to help clients improve their user experience.

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